Amp Front

Available configurations

  • 30 Watt Head (matching cabinets available)
  • 1x12 Combo (with WGS speaker - 25.5" Wide, 20" Tall and 9.5" Deep)


  • Four EL84 Power Tubes
  • Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble and Reverb
  • Master Volume and Bright Switch
  • Cathode Bias
  • Charcoal Figured Maple Fascia

Additional Photos

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Paul Reed Smith Amplifiers are backed by a 5-Year warranty (90 day warranty on tubes/1 year warranty on speakers). Click here to download the warranty card.

Made in Maryland

PRS 30

Described as having an English sound with an American twist, the PRS “30” amplifier features a quartet of EL84 power tubes and offers both vintage tones and modern versatility. The PRS “30” is handmade in Stevensville, Maryland utilizing thick pc boards for consistency. All pots, jacks, power tube sockets and switches are chassis mounted and shielded wire is used where critical.


PRS 30 Combo Amplifier Demo


PRS 30 Amplifier Demo


Derek Trucks and PRS Amps

Sound Samples

Below are some suggested settings for a variety of tones. As there are no numbers on the dials, the following settings refer to the face of a clock.

Texas clean

"Hit the low E string open, and adjust the bass knob to give a clear ring depending on the output and clarity of your particular pickup. Adjust the volume if needed." - Doug Sewell

Bright: On, Volume: 10, Master: To Taste
Treble: 2, Middle: 11, Bass: 12


British Invasion

"Work on your favorite classic British rock riff with your bridge humbucker." - Doug Sewell

Bright: On, Volume: 8, Master: To Taste
Treble: 1, Middle: 5, Bass: 9


Classic Rock

Bright: Off, Volume: 2, Master: Loud
Treble: 1, Middle: 2, Bass: 10,

"Enjoy aggressive tones with a bit of sweet EL84 compression. Try the humbucker in the bridge position." - Doug Sewell


Hot Rod Country

Bright: To Taste, Volume: 12-1, Master: To Taste
Treble: 2, Middle: 1, Bass: 11

"Travel between classic rock and chickin’ pickin’ with a bit of "hair" at the command of your picking hand. Adjust this setting for the ability to go from decent clean to bark with your favorite country ax. " - Doug Sewell


review thumbnail Premier Guitar - February 2010 "Overall, the PRS 30 succeeds in producing an English sound with an American twist. It offers classic EL84 tones with some adjustments and tweaks to the EQ section to give it a unique character and a sound all its own." read the review
review thumbnail Guitar World - February 2010 "[The Sweet 16 and PRS 30] deliver the classic tube tones most of us have spent a lifetime (and a fortune) trying to duplicate with a variety of vintage and boutique amps." read the review
review thumbnail - July 2009 "This is exactly the kind of clean tone experience I look for in what I consider to be the best of the best in the boutique amp world." read the review