shown in Antique White

Made in Maryland


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Similar in spirit to the double cutaway Mira model introduced at Experience PRS 2007, the single cutaway Starla® has many vintage themed appointments and is PRS Guitars’ first solidbody electric guitar featuring a standard Bigsby B5 tail piece and a Grover Tune-O-Matic bridge. The guitar also includes exclusive Starla Treble and Bass pickups.

The solid mahogany Starla® body is accented with a 24.5” scale rosewood fingerboard, a solid mahogany neck and dot inlays or optional bird inlays. Proprietary Alnico magnets incorporated into the pickup design contribute to the guitar’s unique clean and crisp sound, but these pickups are also capable of rich harmonic overtones when driven. Other features include a uniquely shaped black plastic pick guard, tone and volume pots and a three-way pickup selector.

You are viewing a 2012 model. This model may still be available at Authorized PRS Dealers. For our current offerings, please visit


V12 Finish

Finish should enhance the look, sound, and feel of a guitar by accentuating the wood’s inherent beauty and feel without hindering its natural resonance. And PRS Guitars’ new “V12” finish does just that. Introduced at Experience PRS 2010, “V12” is a very thin, hard, and clear finish that will not crack or react with thinners. After roughly 12 years in development, it is halfway between acrylic and nitro but with a classic feel all its own. “PRS models with this new finish feel like old instruments,” said Paul Reed Smith.

Pattern Neck Shape

Neck shapes have always been a high priority for us and a hallmark of our quality. A guitar should feel comfortable, like “home,” as soon as you pick it up, and the neck is paramount to that connection. Perfected after years of prototyping, the new “Pattern” neck is an updated Wide Fat PRS neck style based on Paul’s pre-factory design. These necks were found on the instruments built for Carlos Santana, Peter Frampton and Howard Leese from the late 70’s to the mid 80’s.

Whether in woodworking, machining, or cast and die work, pattern making is the art of arriving at a perfect standard which can be duplicated or used to create new designs from by “offsetting.” All of our necks came to be as a result of offsetting from this original, Wide Fat design.


Paul Reed Smith introduces the 2011 Starla ® model.


review thumbnail Premier Guitar - January 2008 "The ringing clarity of the pair working in combination contains the recipe for rich, articulate cleans, but they’ll also get mean enough—thick and muscular—if you want it that way, without getting too explosive. That makes them just right for the kind of work players enticed by the Starla are likely to put it to. " read the review
review thumbnail American Songwriter - February 2008 "Paul Reed Smith’s new Starla guitar is a winner. A spin-off of the well-received Mira, the Starla differs in that it features a few more vintage stylings. " read the review
review thumbnail Guitar Edge - Jan/Feb 2009 "Truly unique, yet familiar and versatile, the Starla is nothing short of stellar addition to the PRS lineup. It can rock out with the best of them, but it’s got serious style and personality—both visually and sonically." read the review
review thumbnail Vintage Guitar - January 2009 "At the end of the day, the PRS Starla is a wonderful vintage-style axe. It may feature design appointments that speak to its vintage/retro ancestry, but the immaculate construction and top-notch materials are oh-so different from the those cheap, twangy guitars from four decades past. It may look funky, but no question, the Starla is simply badass! " read the review