Amp Front

Shown as 1 x 12 Combo

Available configurations

  • 16 Watt Head (matching cabinets available)
  • 1x12 Combo (with Celestion speaker - 19" wide, 19" tall, 9.5" deep)


  • 6V6 Power Tubes
  • Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble and Reverb
  • Bright Switch
  • Cathode Biased
  • Charcoal Figured Maple Fascia

Additional Photos

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Paul Reed Smith Amplifiers are backed by a 5-Year warranty (90 day warranty on tubes/1 year warranty on speakers). Click here to download the warranty card.

Made in Maryland

Sweet 16

PRS’s Sweet 16 amp couples 16 watts of cathode-biased 6V6 output tube power and includes reverb, a full TMB tone stack, and PRS’s transparent master volume circuit. The tones can run from sparkly cleans with single coils to humbucking crunch. At the appropriate volume set, a full range of crunching cleans are accessible using just the guitar's volume knob. The Sweet 16 is handmade in Stevensville, Maryland utilizing thick pc boards for consistency. All pots, jacks, power tube sockets and switches are chassis mounted and shielded wire is used where critical.


Sweet 16 Combo Amp Demo w/Bryan Ewald


Sweet 16 Combo Amp Demo


Derek Trucks and PRS Amps


review thumbnail Guitar World - February 2010 "[The Sweet 16 and PRS 30] deliver the classic tube tones most of us have spent a lifetime (and a fortune) trying to duplicate with a variety of vintage and boutique amps." read the review
review thumbnail Premier Guitar - February 2010 "I really liked how responsive the Sweet 16 was, depending on how hot the pickups are. With each guitar I tried, the tone was sweet and warm with a very musical distortion when pushed hard." read the review
review thumbnail - July 2009 "This is exactly the kind of clean tone experience I look for in what I consider to be the best of the best in the boutique amp world." read the review