Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic

  • Bearclaw Spruce Top
  • Koa Back & Sides
  • Thinline Body
Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic
Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic

"During the 2013 Rush Clockwork Angels Tour, I had the opportunity to spend some time with a PRS Angelus Cutaway. It quickly became my pre-show warm up guitar, and I spent many hours in many hotel rooms lost in the gorgeous sound and tone of that beautiful instrument. I'm very happy to announce that I have collaborated with PRS to develop an Alex Lifeson Signature model based on this superlative platform. If you're like me, you won't be able to put it down,”
Alex Lifeson.

While the craftsmanship and attention to detail are very consistent with other PRS Private Stock acoustics, this instrument embodies some new design elements that take the instrument in a unique direction. The Alex Lifeson signature PRS acoustic is slightly thinner than the company’s Angelus Cutaway and Tonare Grand and is constructed in such a way that it lends itself to louder stage volumes and the rigors of the road. The Alex Lifeson signature acoustic features a bearclaw spruce top and koa back and sides with a mahogany neck and ebony bridge, fretboard, and headstock veneer. It is adorned with Mother of Pearl and Paua “Birds in Flight” inlays and Paua purfling along the top, fretboard, and headstock veneer.

Born in the PRS Maryland shop, PRS Acoustics are heirloom-quality instruments with remarkable tone and exquisite playability. A small team of experienced luthiers handcraft all Maryland-made PRS acoustics with passion and attention to detail. The Private Stock Alex Lifeson acoustic comes standard with the Matrix Infinity pickup and preamp system. The Matrix Infinity is an undersaddle pickup with soundhole volume and tone controls, allowing for easily accessible adjustments. The LR Baggs Lyric system is also available as an option. The LR Baggs Lyric system is a featherweight microphone and hi-fidelity mic preamplifier with soundhole volume and presence controls.

Design & Build Philosophies

  • PRS Private Stock acoustics feature our proprietary 15.5" Angelus Cutaway and 16" Tonare Grand body shapes, which elegantly balance playability, tone and beauty.

  • The X-Brace/Classical hybrid design combines the best elements of a classical ladder bracing system and steel string "X"/fan bracing to better pair resonant tops with stiff, reflective back and sides. This style of bracing is what gives PRS acoustics their unique, powerful voice.

  • PRS sands each top to the thickness appropriate for that individual piece of wood. This allows us to achieve the desired deflection and flexibility of each individual top so it reaches its particular unique optimum performance.

  • Stiffer sides offer more stability which results in a long lasting guitar. We use Kevin Ryan A-4 kerfing and a deliberate bracing design to create stiffer than normal sides, contributing to top stability.

  • Stability results in a back that does not become "out of phase" with the top and allows a pure tone to be created. With back braces and kerfing we are able to create a singular reflective surface when joined to the sides, which adds to PRS acoustic's unique sound.

  • We utilize a compound dovetail neck joint. Through our sanding and placement technique we create a "carbon copy image" of the joining areas of the joint which allows for near gapless construction which results in superior stability and active transfer of string energy.

  • PRS Private Stock Acoustics feature a 100% lacquer, nitro-cellulose finish. In its essence, nitro is considered an "organic" material. The composition of this finish allows it to bond to the surface and become a part of the material as opposed to being "on top" of it. As the guitar and finish age the tone will continue to blossom so the full potential of the instrument can be realized.


  • Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic
  • Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic
  • Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic
  • Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic
  • Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic
  • Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic


  • video

    Alex Lifeson On His Signature Model Acoustic


Shape 15 1/2" Cutaway
Body Depth (at neck block) 3 1/4"
Body Depth (at tail block) 3 3/4"
Bracing PRS X-Brace/Classical Hybrid Design
Back Wood Koa
Side Wood Koa
Top Wood Select European Bearclaw Spruce
Top Purfling Paua
Top and Back Binding Curly Maple
Rosette Spalted Maple/Paua
Neck Wood Peruvian Mahogany
Neck Shape Wide
Truss Rod PRS Double Action Truss Rod
Number of Frets 21
Scale Length 25 1/4"
Nut Width 1 3/4"
String Spacing 2 3/16"
Fretboard, Headstock Veneer and Bridge Wood Ebony
Fretboard and Headstock Veneer Purfling Paua
Fretboard Inlays Mother of Pearl "Birds in Flight"
Headstock Veneer Inlay Mother of Pearl and Paua Private Stock Eagle
Nut Bone
Saddle Bone
Tuners PRS Tuners
Pickup/Preamp Fishman Matrix Infinity Pickup and Preamp – Undersaddle pickup with soundhole volume and tone controls
Optional Back and Side Woods Brazilian
Optional LR Baggs Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone Featherweight internal microphone and hi-fidelity mic preamplifier with soundhole volume and presence controls
Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline Signature Acoustic

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