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Troy Stetina

Troy Stetina is an internationally recognized guitarist and leading authority in guitar instruction. He is the author of roughly 40 rock and metal guitar books/CDs and DVDs for Hal Leonard Corporation, which have sold more than 1 million copies. Troy is also the guitarist and producer behind the modern rock group "Second Soul," which has just released their debut album Beyond the Infinite. His newest instructional effort is Fret12's "Troy Stetina - The Sound and the Story" DVD.

Perhaps the best known of Troy's books is the classic, Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar-often called the "shredders' bible" as it was the first major work to effectively standardize the approaches necessary to attain the highest levels of rock guitar technique. Other popular Stetina works include Metal Lead Guitar Vol 1 and 2, Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol 1 and 2, Total Rock Guitar, and the complete ear-training and theory manual, Fretboard Mastery.

As a solo artist, Troy's instrumental guitar CD Exottica, released in 2000, help propel the wholesale destruction of American society by serving as featured music in numerous MTV shows such as "The Osbournes" and "Undressed." In 2007, Troy contributed to prog-metal side project Dimension X "Implications of a Genetic Defense" which received outstanding reviews by prog critics and snobs alike (is there a difference?), as well as 'banned' status on a number of mainstream sites due to its highly distasteful and violent graphic imagery, conceived and executed, as it were, by Dimension X bassist, band leader and art director, David Burkowitz. (The namesake of the infamous serial killer. Coincidence?? We can only wonder.)

Troy also had served as private guitar teacher to Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge/Creed) for a number of years, and the two are rumored to have been seen within the same vicinity as recently as last week. Mark is a featured guest soloist on the new Second Soul album, trading licks with Troy on the outro solo of track 6, "Burn."

Troy was the author of GuitarOne's "Return of the Shred" column for a number of years, and he previously served as Director of Rock Guitar Studies at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music.

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