Build Your Artist Package Electric Guitar

These are 2014 Artist Package specs. For 2015 Artist Package specs, please see the respective model pages.

1. Choose Your Model

Many of these models will have features & options predetermined by model.

Artist Package Standard Appointments*

With any model chosen, you will receive the following upgraded Artist Package:

  • Artist Grade Maple Top
  • Select Mahogany Back
  • Artist Grade Ebony Fretboard (International Markets) | Artist Grade Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard (USA Only)
  • Artist Grade Ebony Headstock Veneer with Inlaid Signature (International Markets) | Brazilian Rosewood Headstock Veneer with Inlaid Signature (USA Only)
  • Etched Aluminum Truss Rod Cover
  • Artist Bird Inlays
  • Artist Case
  • Gold Hardware

2. Now It’s Time For The Extras

Want a figured maple or East Indian rosewood neck on your Studio? Nickel, gold, or hybrid hardware? 57/08, 59/09, or HFS/Vintage Bass pickups?

  • Artist Grade Flame
  • Artist Grade Figured Maple Neck
  • Artist Grade East Indian Rosewood Neck
  • Artist Grade Ebony Fretboard
  • Artist Grade Figured Maple Fretboard (Maple Necks Only)
  • Nickel Hardware
  • Hybrid Hardware
  • 57/08 Pickups**
  • 57/08 Uncovered Pickups**
  • 59/09 Uncovered Pickups***
  • \m/ (Metal) Covered Pickups***
  • HFS & Vintage Bass Pickups****

** available on Custom 22, Custom 24, Hollowbody II, SC 245, Studio and Singlecut Hollowbody II

*** available on Custom 22, Custom 24, Hollowbody II, SC 245, Studio and Singlecut Hollowbody II

**** available on Custom 22, Custom 24, SC 245 and Studio

3. Choose Your Color

There are more than 50 colors to choose from!

** Also available with natural back

*Instruments containing Brazilian Rosewood that are marked with “USA Only” or “Custom Built for the USA” on the back of the headstock are for the purpose of sale ONLY in the U.S. When a guitar is shipped overseas from the U.S., a re-export permit issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service certifying that the Brazilian Rosewood components are from a lawful source is required. In addition, some countries require a separate permit to import a guitar with Brazilian Rosewood components. Finally, a number of countries, including the countries making up the European Union, have barred the importation of Brazilian Rosewood altogether, except under certain very narrow circumstances.

United States law does not require supporting documentation to be shipped with a guitar containing Brazilian Rosewood components sold in the United States. Therefore while the wood used on the above mentioned instruments is qualified for sale in the U.S., the instrument cannot be exported from the U.S., nor can certification be obtained for the exportation of the instrument. Only Brazilian Rosewood that was harvested before June of 1992 (when the wood was listed as a protected species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)) and is accompanied by a CITES export permit from Brazil can be shipped in foreign commerce. (In normal circumstances, the CITES document does not travel with the specific guitar to the end customer). The Brazilian Rosewood used by PRS Guitars is obtained in compliance with these conditions.