Alejandro Manzano

Boyce Avenue


Alejandro Manzano

Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue, a Florida-based band popular for its strong acoustic roots and melodic rock sound, consists of the three brothers Alejandro, Fabian, and Daniel Manzano.

About Alejandro

PRS: How did you start playing music/guitar? How old were you?

AM: I was first introduced to the guitar by my Abuelito when I was a toddler and loved it and then started playing on an old classical guitar at age 13. Our parents have always been very supportive so they encouraged me every step of the way with early lessons me a new acoustic that next Christmas.

PRS: Boyce Avenue is the most followed band on Youtube with more than 6.1 million subscribers. Those are crazy #’s! What advice would you give an independent artist who is just getting their feet wet?

AM: I would advise them to utilize the Internet. And not be the least bit afraid of putting yourself out there. Stay true to your values as an artist and people will respect that. The viewers can tell when you’re faking it so always go from the heart.

PRS: Boyce Avenue is well known for covering popular hits but in April 2014, you released your third EP, No Limits. How long did it take you guys to write and record this EP? Can you tell us about the process?

AM: The writing process for us is much more inspirationally based than vocational so it can happen anywhere for us. During sound check, late night on the bus or in our bedroom or studio. Anywhere really. That’s the beauty of our phones is that whenever a moment of inspiration arises, whether it be a guitar riff, piano part, lyrical idea, or vocal melody, you can quickly record it and store it away for another day or you can hash it out right then and there if the creative juices are flowing. We usually start with the music first and then add melody and lyrics but even that sometimes can flip flop and it’s fun to write music that fits the mood a message you want to deliver. So it’s tough to ever pin point a specific amount of time for a body of work because we effectively have no album cycle like the days of old. We just release content that inspires when we feel it. That’s the beauty of the internet and being independent!

PRS: You’ve been playing PRS for several years now; which models did you use on the record and why?

AM: I love the Mark Tremonti Signature model. That was actually my very first PRS and I still love recording with it the most. Just has an amazing tone. Really rich dynamic sound from thick to clean tones and it can handle a lot of our drop tunings which I love.

PRS: What attracted to you to the S2 Singlecut?

AM: I’ve always loved the look of singlecuts and this guitar is a beauty and it really handled well on the road. Just felt right in my hands. I tend to dig into it live and this really kept its proper intonation well. Solid guitar.

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