Darla Beaux

Darla Beaux

Darla Beaux was born to stand center stage. Full of a fiery charisma and charm, not to mention a unique and emotional voice that is far beyond her 16 years of age, she’s worked hard to develop a sound that is all her own.

PRS: What was it about that guitar that first pulled you in? Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

DB: When I first saw the PRS guitars, I’m going to be honest, I was attracted to them because they are beautiful guitars to look at! Then when I picked one up, the sound was magnificent! So rich and bright at the same time, just beautiful.  It’s hard for me to narrow down my influences. I seem to take little bits of inspiration from everyone I listen to. I’m influenced by anyone from singer/songwriters like Jack Johnson all the way to rockers like The Stones.

PRS: How would you describe yourself stylistically?

DB: Well, I’m not a shredder, but I do know how to get down on a guitar!

PRS: Can you share your experience as a young, female artist in the industry? Have there been any challenges?

DB: So far most of it has been positive. Like anything else, it takes a lot of hard work. I’ve had to sacrifice a lot of things that “regular” teenagers might take for granted. Although, it’s been worth every minute! The challenges from being a young artist in the industry are, sometimes people assume, because I am so young, that I don’t have the ability to create great music. They think, “Oh! She’s just a kid.”

PRS: We recently sent you a SE Angelus acoustic guitar; tell us a little about this instrument and why did you choose PRS?

DB: This guitar is amazing! It’s a beautiful acoustic that is magnificent to play. When I’m on the road, or on tour, it’s always my “go to” guitar for acoustic performances and songwriting. And I chose this PRS Guitar for the simple fact that it’s the best guitar I’ve ever played. And I wanted to be a part of that!

PRS: What can we expect next from you?

DB: I am currently in the studio, writing and recording tracks for my new album.

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