Paul Smith on Acoustic Philosophies

Paul Smith explains the foundations of PRS Acoustics.

Though acoustic guitars are a newer product for PRS, the concepts that go into making them are not. If you saw our series on our electric guitar line, you know that wood and component selections are important to PRS. You know that acoustic resonance and quality are important to PRS. These philosophies translate wholeheartedly to our acoustic guitar line. Our wood buyers are selecting amazing and beautiful tone woods, and we are applying the same amount of detail in the acoustic production line as we always have in the electric guitar line. Additionally, we are employing a bracing pattern that is designed to create a loud, balanced guitar. This bracing pattern locks down the sides and the back but lets the top vibrate to push all the sound out of the guitar. PRS Acoustics have an extremely thin finish and a thinner than normal top, which also aid in these instruments’ stunning resonance. Because these guitars have such a beautiful, natural tone, the proprietary pickup system was carefully designed to essentially be a microphone attached to the bridge plate. This pickup allows the guitar to be plugged directly into a powered monitor (with no board necessary) and amplifies the guitar’s natural tone. A final important design element is that these guitars have a graphite strength rod instead of an adjustable truss rod. This rod, along with the strength of the neck woods used, will keep the neck from bending.

When we started prototyping acoustic guitars, Paul looked to Antonio Torres, who many consider the Stradivari of the acoustic guitar. It is our hope that the careful consideration of these historic instruments is apparent in the quality of PRS acoustics.