DG Custom 2x12 Cabinet

Developed and refined over many years, the PRS David Grissom signature amplifiers "DG Custom 30" and "DG Custom 50" and signature "DG 2x12 cabinet" bring David’s discriminating tone to players looking for a highly-responsive, musical amp rig.

  • Closed Back |
  • Dual Ported Pine |
  • Vintage 30 Speakers

Big Tone and Classic Looks

“I've used them on hundreds of gigs and sessions and found them to be equally well suited to both live situations and studio work,” said Grissom.

With the DG Custom 2x12 cabinet, David and Doug have designed a unique speaker cabinet featuring Vintage 30 speakers and a custom internal structure that gives these amps a bigger all-around tone. The back panel is dual ported, which keeps the low end and smooth high end of a closed back cabinet while allowing the amp to really fill the room.

The DG Custom 2x12 cabinet comes in blonde vinyl with a cherry stained mahogany fascia and un-tinted salt and pepper grill cloth.