Experience PRS 2013

A Letter From Paul

Paul Reed Smith

To everyone who attended Experience PRS 2013,

Paul here. I want to take a moment to thank everybody who came to our open house, Experience PRS 2013. There was an increase in registered guests, dealer attendance, sales of instruments, and a wonderful and enthusiastic time was had by all. I also want to thank all our artists – SOJA, JJ Grey & MOFRO, David Grissom, Brent Mason, Davy Knowles, Emil Werstler, Gary Grainger, Lance Lopez, Martin Simpson, Nicky Moroch, Rhonda Smith, Simon McBride, Wyzard, Tim Pierce, Kevin Walker, Todd Bauchspies, Bryan Ewald, Pat Wescott and Mia Samone along with Michael Ault, Greg Grainger, Blues Webb – all of who performed brilliantly.

I have a request for all those who attended – please tell as many people as you can what your experiences were. There are thousands of people who have heard about this event but not attended yet, and it would be very helpful if you would help spread the word.

Our company now has three main product lines: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and amplifiers. As this year’s Experience unfolded, there were extraordinary opportunities to listen to experts talk about each of these products and for attendees to get their hands on them. From my point of view, a lot has matured with the electric guitars, including our whole new Signature/408/Brent Mason/Paul’s Guitar pickup system, our family of hollowbody and solidbody piezo guitars, and a wide range of SE guitars...and of course now with the S2 line, which are made in our Maryland shop and street for around $1,200. The acoustic guitars have also come a long way, with SE acoustics now being available for less than $1,000, complementing our Maryland-made line. And the amplifiers are better than they’ve ever been, with this year culminating with the David Grissom 30 and 50 amplifiers.

These are good times for our products as I watch our artists and our customers smile as they try them. Our 30th Anniversary is in a couple of years, and I’m sure we will have lots of Experiences to come.

My best,

Paul Reed Smith signature