shown in Vintage Sunburst

Made in Maryland

Experience PRS 2013 408 Semi-Hollow

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100 Piece Limited Run.

Specially appointed to commemorate the 7th annual Experience PRS event, the Experience PRS 2013 408 Semi-Hollow combines the proprietary PRS 408 pickup system with a semi-hollow body, giving these full-spectrum guitars the added resonance of a hollowbody with the sustain of a solidbody.

The 408 model brought a new voice to PRS with its namesake, proprietary pickups that were designed to optimize the tonal spectrum by narrowing the field of the bass pickup to increase its focus while widening the field of the treble pickup to increase its sound field (hence their trademark asymmetric appearance). This pickup system (comprised of four coils, offering eight sounds) is paired with a simple and intuitive switching system, providing numerous combinations of humbucking and singlecoil tones.

Special appointments for the Experience PRS 2013 limited edition of 408 Semi-Hollow instruments include: 408 electronics paired with a semi-hollow guitar body, Artist grade figured maple tops, Artist bird inlays with the small “pre-factory” eagle inlaid on the headstock – Green Ripple outlines with Green Select centers, and an Artist case.