Grainger 5 String Bass

  • Grainger Active Treble & Bass Pickups
  • 34” Scale Length
  • 2 Push/Pull Volume Knobs & 3 Knob EQ
Grainger 5 String Bass

Endless Features For Studio And Stage

Grainger 5 String Bass

“These basses give me everything I need for recording and playing live...all the tone, clarity, power, and feel...everything. They are works of art and great tools for working bassists,” - Gary Grainger

The Grainger 5 is the evolution of our Private Stock Gary Grainger Bass line. As the primary designer of our Private Stock basses, Gary (John Scofield, Dennis Chambers, Frank Gambali, etc.) collaborated with many bass artists, including Wyzard (Mother’s Finest) and Kevin Walker (Justin Timberlake), to create a Core PRS bass with all the character and quality of Gary’s Private Stock models but with a more universal appeal.


Knobs 1-2 are volume controls and passive/active switch:

Knob 1: Neck pickup volume.
Down = Active, Up = Passive  If this knob is up and Knob 2 is down only the neck pickup (passive) is heard

Knob 2: Bridge pickup volume. 
Down = Active, Up = Passive
If this knob is up and Knob 1 is down only the bridge pickup (passive) is heard.
If both knob 1 and knob 2 are in the up position, both pickups (passive) are heard.

Knobs 3-5 are a 3-band EQ control:

Knob 3: Bass EQ. Functions with pickups in active mode.
Knob 4: Mid EQ. Functions with pickups in active mode.
Knob 5: Treble EQ. Functions with pickups in active mode.

The bass will function passively without batteries as well.


  • Grainger 5 String Bass
  • Grainger 5 String Bass
  • Grainger 5 String Bass
  • Grainger 5 String Bass
  • Grainger 5 String Bass
  • Grainger 5 String Bass


Top Wood Carved Figured Maple
Back Wood Mahogany
Number of Frets 24
Scale Length 34"
Neck Wood Maple
Fretboard Wood Rosewood or Maple
Fretboard Inlays Birds
Neck Shape GG 5
Nut Width 1 23/32" wide – 13/16" depth
Width at 12th Fret 2 35/64" wide – 7/8" depth
Bridge Outside String To Outside String 2.84"
Bridge String To String 0.71"
Nut Outside String to Outside String 1.36"
String Gauges 127, 107, 085, 063, 043
Bridge PRS 5 String Bass Bridge
Tuners Bass Tuners
Hardware Type Nickel
Treble Pickup GG 5 Treble
Bass Pickup GG 5 Bass
Controls PRS/Grainger Active Electronics
Top Option 10-Top Flame
Other Option Ramp
Other Option Pickguard
Grainger 5 String Bass

Signature Dealers

  • American Musical Supply
    Oakland, NJ
  • Brian's Guitars
    Hamden, CT
  • Chicago Music Exchange
    Chicago, IL
  • Dan's Guitars
    Honolulu, HI
  • Dave's Guitar Shop
    LaCrosse, WI
  • Eddie's Guitars
    St Louis, MO
  • Guitar Center
    Westlake Village, CA
  • Guitar Maverick
    Keller, TX
  • Guitar Ressurection
    Austin, TX
  • The Guitar Sanctuary
    McKinney, TX
  • The Guitar Store
    Seattle, WA
  • John Mann’s Guitar Vault
    Bedford, NH
  • Lark Guitars
    San Antonio, TX
  • Martin Music
    Memphis, TN
  • Moore Music
    Evansville, IN
  • Musician's Friend
    Westlake Village, CA
  • Music Store
    South Burlington, VT
  • Music Villa
    Bozeman, MT
  • Northeast Music Center
    Dickson City, PA
  • Righteous Guitars
    Roswell, GA
  • Sam Ash Music
    New York, NY
  • Sweetwater Sound
    Fort Wayne, IN
  • Washington Music Center
    Wheaton, MD
  • Wild West Guitars
    Riverside, CA
  • Willcutt Guitar Shop
    Lexington, KY
  • zZounds
    Oakland, NJ


"It's rare to find a U.S.-made instrument that provides this much quality for under $3000.”

- Premier Guitar

"The new PRS bass line is quite impressive, excellent tone for soloing or carrying a band. It goes easily from very nice to very nasty.”

- Wyzard, Mother’s Finest

"I can get everything that I need for recording and playing live; all the tones, clarity, power, feel...everything. It is truly a work of art but also a great tool for the working bassist.”

- Gary Grainger

"Providing the low end groove is my job and the PRS Grainger 5 string model is now my main bass. With a very solid B string and balanced tone this instrument allows me to create any bass tone I need to get the job done.”

- Gene Quade, Sam Grow Band

Available Colors

  • Antique White

    Antique White

  • Black


  • Black Gold Wrap Burst

    Black Gold Wrap Burst

  • Blood Orange

    Blood Orange

  • Champagne Gold Metallic

    Champagne Gold Metallic

  • Charcoal Burst

    Charcoal Burst

  • Faded Whale Blue

    Faded Whale Blue

  • Fire Red Burst

    Fire Red Burst

  • Frost Green Metallic

    Frost Green Metallic

  • Gold Top

    Gold Top

  • Gray Black

    Gray Black

  • Honey


  • Jade


  • McCarty Sunburst

    McCarty Sunburst

  • McCarty Tobacco Sunburst

    McCarty Tobacco Sunburst

  • Orange Tiger

    Orange Tiger

  • Trampas Green

    Trampas Green

  • Violet


Gary Grainger Signature Models