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Paul Reed Smith Explains Our Pickups

by Hunter on January 9, 2014

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If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, Paul Reed Smith is a tone junkie.  From the woods to the finish, everything can affect the final tonality of your guitar.  The pickups are certainly no exception!

Nearly every pickup for our core model guitars are wound here in our Maryland factory by a team of talented people.  Additionally, each component of the pickup (wire, bobbin, etc.) is specifically chosen by Paul because he requires only the best for our instruments.  We create many different types of pickups here at PRS so that our musicians can capture the tone they seek.

In the video below, Paul tells the story behind some of our most recent PRS pickups.

NF3 Gets New Pickups, New Floyd, New Life!

by PRS Guitars on January 7, 2014

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<p>PTC Job on NF3</p>

This guitar was sent to our PRS Tech Center (PTC) as a NF3 fitted with the standard three “Narrowfield” pickups.  The owner was ready for a change so he sent it in to our talented guys here at PRS for some new life.

We were able to remove the middle pick-up, re-route the body to fit a larger 59/09 pickup, re-route the body to fit a Floyd Rose tremolo, and finally tie it all together with a new pick guard.  It may sound easy, but our tech center worked hard to preform quality work while preserving the tone and resonance expected of this caliber of an instrument.

Happy Friday from PRS!

by PRS Guitars on December 13, 2013

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<p>Triple Threat! Custom 24’s and P22</p>

It’s been a good Friday here at PRS, lots of exciting things coming in the future and the factory is buzzing.

Check out this photo I’ve entitled the “Triple Threat.”

Employee Workspace: Final Assembly

by PRS Guitars on December 5, 2013

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<p>Final Assembly Workspace</p>

Every once in a while we will post a photo of an employee’s workspace.

This is Jeff’s space, he works in final assembly.  Final assembly is the last stage in our guitar production process.  It’s the place where tuning pegs, electronics, strings, and extra tender loving care go into our guitars.

Jeff’s job is to give our instruments a serious final inspection before heading out the door.

The guitar pictured is a SC245.

SE Mike Mushok Baritone Gets New Life

by PRS Guitars on December 4, 2013

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<p>SE Mike Mushok Baritone Before/After</p>

This guitar began its life in the form of a SE Mike Mushok Baritone. The instrument came standard with a brown burst finish and a string through body stoptail bridge. 

The owner was ready for a little change so he contacted the PRS PTC department. The PTC team re-routed the body to fit a Floyd Rose Tremelo and also refinished the guitar in Jet White.

As always, the PTC department did a flawless job.

Mike’s Story Part 2

by PRS Guitars on November 19, 2013

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<p>Mike’s PTC Experience Part 2</p>

*The following is a customer testimonial describing his experience with the PRS PTC department.

The last part of the project is where James from PTC took control. We had spoken about the logistics of the piezo trem and he made it happen. From drilling individual holes in the baseplate and body to accompany the saddle wires, to notching out a crevasse to prevent pinching when using the trem – he thought of it all.

Mike’s Story Part 1

by PRS Guitars on November 19, 2013

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<p>Mike’s PTC Experience Part 1</p>

*The following is a customer testimonial describing his experience with the PRS PTC department.

My PTC experience started a few years ago when I purchased a heavily used Custom 22.  My original intentions were to do all I could on my own to make it a solid live guitar but fortunately for me that is far from how this story ends. 

Cracked Headstock Repair

by PRS Guitars on November 15, 2013

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<p>PTC Headstock Repair</p>

The Paul Reed Smith Tech Center (PTC) is dedicated to responsible repair and authentic techniques that are true to a PRS guitar’s original construction.  The members of the PTC team have over 50 years of combined PRS experience (no outside contractors are used for PTC repars) and have a dedicated pride and respect for PRS instruments.  Their personal approach and in-depth knowledge of PRS traditions is directly reflected in the meticulous quality of their work.

PTC services include full factory setups with new nut, new pickup installation, fret leveling and re-crowning, refretting, finish repairs, and electronics conversions.

Don’t trust your PRS guitar to just anyone! Rest easy knowing your beloved PRS is being taken care of at the one and only authorized PRS service center, PTC.