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Meet The Dealer - Guitars USA!

by PRS Guitars on December 23, 2015

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Our dealer network is important to us here at PRS Guitars! After all, they’re the folks taking care of our guitars after we make them and before they get into our customers hands! We started “Meet the Dealer” so you can get an inside peek at some of the shops that sell PRS Guitars. Check out our interview with Guitars USA below!

10 New #myPRS Stories Added!

by PRS Guitars on December 23, 2015

Filed Under Acoustics / Amplifiers / Electrics

#myPRS is an opportunity for you to tell us (and others) the story of you and your PRS guitar. Tell us how you came to own it, what you’re using it for now, the things you appreciate about the guitar, anything! Check out this blog post for a sample #myPRS story and then tell us your own.

PTC Guitar Overhaul - “Floyd” Custom 24!

by PRS Guitars on December 14, 2015

Filed Under Electrics / Core Electrics / PTC (PRS Tech Center)

The Paul Reed Smith Tech Center (PTC) is in the business of making your guitar dreams a reality. In addition to standard PRS repairs and maintenance, the PTC specializes in making unique modifications to your guitar to meet your needs as a musician. The PTC job we are exploring today features our Custom 24 “Floyd” model with some electronics mods. Check out this blog post to see that the PTC made possible!