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PRS Experience 2013 Artists Announced!

by PRS Guitars on August 13, 2013

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The news is out! Here are the official artists for Experience PRS 2013. Registration for this free event ends August 15th, so grab a friend and come visit the PRS factory for an awesome weekend of clinics and performances.  Register today: EXPERIENCE 2013

Paul Reed Smith featured in SmartCEO Magazine

by PRS Guitars on August 7, 2013

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I didn’t know if I should try to look cool when I sat down across from Paul Reed Smith. He’s the CEO of PRS Guitars, a fine mark of craftsmanship and innovation based right across the Bay Bridge from Annapolis on the eastern side of the Chesapeake. I knew that Paul’s business had helped to make cool things possible, and I had a suspicion that both the art and process of making music—from painstaking songwriting to cheering crowds—had some parallels there in the manufacturing plant where we sat. So I asked my first question: “What’s the concert like here?”

Rules of Tone: Bridges

by PRS Guitars on July 29, 2013

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The bridge of the guitar connects the strings of the guitar to the wood; it is the anchor of the instrument and its sound. In this video, Paul shows off some manufactory-fresh bridge parts before they are put into guitars during final assembly.  Featured are a tremolo bridge with arm, a stop-tail bridge, a multi-adjustable bridge, and a piezo bridge.  Built with extreme care for comfortable play, we designed these bridges to give musicians the best guitar experience possible.  As always, playability and musicality are of highest importance, and we always choose our parts with that in mind.  Enjoy the video!