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“Private Stock” What Is It?

by PRS Guitars on August 21, 2014

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From time to time, you may hear us toss around the phrase “Private Stock Guitar.” If you’re unfamiliar with PRS or you’re a new fan, this term may leave you a bit confused. In an effort to clear things up, give this article a read and allow us to briefly explain these special guitars.

Meet The Model: Private Stock Acoustics

by PRS Guitars on August 19, 2014

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Inspired by our affinity for building and enjoying outstanding musical instruments, PRS Private Stock acoustics are heirloom-quality guitars with remarkable tone and exquisite playability. Whether with exotic or time-tested tone woods, traditional finishes and stains or wild colors, or with an understated inlay choice or a bold artistic expression, each PRS Private Stock Acoustic is truly a work of art that celebrate the craft of guitar building and the world that inspires us.

PRS Maryland-made acoustics are hand crafted in small batches by a small team of experienced luthiers. They not only deliver remarkable tone and playability, they also deliver a visual sensation that defines the PRS Acoustic experience.  Both in sound and in appearance, PRS Private Stock Acoustics are bold, lively, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Private Stock of the Month - August 2014

by PRS Guitars on August 6, 2014

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“Private Stock” guitars are custom-built and made to order. The goal of Private Stock is to create the most beautiful, best playing, and best sounding guitar money can buy. A customer ordering a Private Stock can select their own wood types, pickups, electronic configuration, and so much more.

Each month we will select one of these Private Stock built guitars and feature it on this blog. We will take detailed photos and explain the components that make the guitar unique.

Santana Guitar Gets Patched Up

by PRS Guitars on August 5, 2014

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This guitar arrived to our PTC department at the PRS factory in rough shape. The neck was somehow still connected to the body but the body was broken and cracked from the neck joint to the bridge! On the back of the guitar, it was also cracked all the way to the edge of the electronics cavity.  The only thing holding this guitar together was about an inch of unbroken wood. 

The customer sent the guitar in to our tech center (PTC) hoping that we could bring the beauty back to life. The neck and body were reset and glued sturdily back in place. The guitar was then stripped of its finish and the PTC refinished the guitar in its original color.  A final electronics assembly and setup made this guitar as good as new again!

PRS at Vans Warped Tour

by PRS Guitars on August 1, 2014

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We had a great time joining the Warped Tour this year for one of their stops on the east coast!

As the official acoustic guitar of the Vans Warped Tour presented by Journeys, PRS Guitars would like to thank all our fans, the BandHappy folks, and our Warped tour artists, including the Full Sail University Acoustic Basement artists for backing our guitars and putting them through the paces on a nationwide tour. We had a blast and the turnout at our booth was fantastic! We had artist signings paired with the opportunity for fans to try out our SE Angelus acoustic guitars.

Check out the video below for a short recap of our time at Warped Tour. Rock on!

Have you heard of our Artist Package?

by PRS Guitars on July 16, 2014

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If you love our core model guitars but wish you could spruce things up a bit, our Artist Package might be just what you’re looking for! With expanded options on things like maple tops, pickups, and finishes, you can get closer to building the guitar of your dreams.

The PRS Artist Package program is an exclusive platform for PRS Core electric guitars and acoustics that offers expanded options and enhancements on select models. Simply choose your model and pick from the available upgrades to create the most distinctive instruments and amplifiers available from the PRS Core production line.

Private Stock Blue Tortuga Acoustic

by PRS Guitars on June 26, 2014

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Inspired by our fondness for nature and our affinity for color, the Blue Tortuga Private Stock Acoustic will catch listener’s eyes and ears.  Outstanding tone and playability is only a piece of what this guitar features. 

With its Bahamian blue quilted maple backs and sides evoking the tropical waters where some species of Tortugas Marina (Sea Turtles) can be found, the Blue Tortuga headstock inlay featuring an exploded map of the world in its shell, and the smaller sea turtles making their way up the fingerboard, this PRS Private Stock Angelus is an excellent example of what PRS is known for. Built by a small team of exceptional Private Stock luthiers building small batches of guitars each year, the Blue Tortuga sings with a sweet voice that is crisp and articulate yet has the soulful midrange and bass that truly defines the PRS Acoustic experience. 

Keeping in the 30+ year tradition of using the finest tone woods, eye popping colors and intricate inlay, the PRS Private Stock Acoustic Team have created an heirloom quality tribute to the craft of guitar building and the world that inspires us.