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Joey Santiago On His SE Amps

by PRS Guitars on August 1, 2012

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<p>Joey Santiago of The Pixies</p>

“I am using the SE 50 on stage. It has a great punky edge, but it’s also really warm. What really sets it apart is its definition. It’s versatile. I love its clean sounds as well…It has a sparkly high end that I can’t get with a Marshall.”

– Joey Santiago, Pixies

David Grissom On His PRS Anniversary Amp

by PRS Guitars on July 30, 2012

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<p>David Grissom</p>

“The PRS Anniversary amplifier fills the “35 watt plexi” slot in my amp setup. It has the punch and midrange of a great older Marshall at a slightly lower and more practical volume than a plexi 50. I love that the 2 channels are bridged internally so I don’t have to jump them with a cable. Blending the 2 channels gives me a wide array of vintage British tone with lots of low end punch. Additionally, it is a new hand built amp, so I don’t have to worry about a 40 year old transformer or filter cap failing at a gig or session. Wonderful, pure, vintage inspired tones…....I love this amp!”

- David Grissom

Dave Weiner on PRS Amps

by PRS Guitars on July 18, 2012

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“I’m touring the world with Steve Vai this year.  I need versatile, incredible sounding amps with flawless reliability for this gig.  I chose PRS’s 2-Channel H amps.  Their sound, dual master volumes, reverb and loop give me everything I need.” - Dave Weiner

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