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Shop In Detail - Body Team

by Paul Reed Smith on April 18, 2012

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One of the most enjoyable things we do at PRS is giving tours. No one ever seems to leave without a smile and a greater understanding of who we are and what we do…a true “aha” moment. So, a few years back, we did an extensive set of tour videos that we called Shop in Detail.

Phase III Locking Tuners

by Paul Reed Smith on March 23, 2012

Filed Under Acoustics / Electrics

Every part of a guitar has an effect on its overall tone. Anything a string is attached to will drain energy away from it.

Let’s consider tuners. Tuning pegs are one of only a few parts that a string actually touches, so they’re very important. If we made the entire tuning peg out of silicone rubber, would the guitar sound better?

Introduction: “We Cracked The Code”

by Paul Reed Smith on January 22, 2012

Filed Under Acoustics / Electrics

Paul wrote the Rules of Tone over many years after a conversation he had with his father about physics. Essentially, it is a list of 21 rules of instrument making that are particular to PRS and the way we build guitars. The document is now locked away, and serves as a private record of PRS trade secrets written down to ensure that Paul’s philosophies and discoveries are never lost or forgotten. Though its title may sound restrictive, the Rules support our quest for tone by encouraging us to constantly refine our craft as builders so that we can make better and better instruments as we learn.