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Santana III Goes Swimming

by PRS Guitars on April 25, 2014

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Unfortunately, accidents happen in life…sometimes to our most beloved treasures: our guitars.

After a home flooded with salty seawater, this PRS Santana III quickly became rusted and destroyed.  For this customer, dissapointment became relief after our PTC center took the guitar in.

Rusted frets, pickups, hardware, and electronics were all swapped or buffed out exactly how the customer wanted.  Needless to say the guitar came out as good as new!

To learn more about our PTC department or to get a quote for your beloved guitar, click HERE.

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PRS Guitars August 07, 2014 - 8:47am
Hey Ryan, thanks for the kind words. All current job openings can be found here:
Ryan William Bratz August 06, 2014 - 2:33am
Hey guys at PRS, My names Ryan, Im a guitar player and now a student of luthier at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. I just wanted to say you guys make the best guitars on earth. The PRS Neil Schon signature is my favorite, I'm scraping together the funds to get one. always i wanted to mention some ideas as a player you guys might want to hear.You guys should incorporate the new Evertune Bridges into a model, i feel like they'd be really successful. The bridge keep the guitar in tune indefinitely. Also you guys should think of sculpting the heel of your guitar neck joints. i think the guitar would play and look better if the joint were to flow with the ellipses and fluidity of the PRS body design. Stainless Steel frets would be awesome too, I saw a video of paul talking about frets and wondered why he never opted to use Stainless Frets . Lastly, My guitar instructor told me a story of when he was enrolled at MI (class of 1985) about how Paul Reed Smith actually came to Mi to show his guitars. i thought that was amazing. So finally i was wondering, what would it take to be employed by you guys? what are the requirements ? I really am interested in learning about career opportunities in the luthier industry, and PRS is my top choice. thanks for reading, and again, you guys make the best guitars ever. my dad bought me a custom 24 floyd from wild west guitars and its a dream. i have the best looking , best playing guitar in the school haha. Thanks, I look forward to a response! Ryan
Jimmy Chu May 08, 2014 - 6:41am
I brought my first PRS guitar in Seattle sereval years ago (with invoice) after I return to Macau and found the wood of the guitar have change colour I will take the photo and send to you by mail, pls advice how to renew my PRS guitar
Dante Batacan April 26, 2014 - 9:02pm
hi, my guitar is a 1996 PRS 22 custom w/Birds, Vintage sunburst=2-3 frets are a little rough but no buzzing and plays really good,do you think I need a refret for this few frets that are rough,do you use original frets from the factory,I really like the size or kind of frets my guitar has on it (the original frets)I bought my guitar new back in 96,and also the back of neck has some micro popping from the lacquer coating,is this available services you do,thank you for your time.
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