Just in! Tone Tailors at the LAUNCH Music Conference & Festival

Just in! Tone Tailors will be displaying the new PRS SE Electrics and Acoustics, as well as the new Mark Tremonti Signature MT15 amp, the S2 Studio and ...the new John Mayer Signature Silver Sky model at the LAUNCH Music Conference and Festival. 

LAUNCH is a great opportunity to join over 2,500 musicians to meet and network with peers and dozens of music industry professionals while attending instructional panels, seminars, events and parties.  There will be over 200 artists performing so whether you are an up-an-coming performer or a seasoned music industry veteran, there is something for everyone at LAUNCH.

For tickets and registrations, please visit: http://www.launchmusicconference.com/

For more information about Tone Tailors or which PRS guitars they will be bringing to LAUNCH, please call 717-553-5199 or visit them online at www.tonetailors.com