Buying a PRS is a special memory. Chances are you spent months gazing at it in a product catalog, on a website or on the wall at your local guitar store.

Either way, it's hard to forget the moment you finally take it home with you.

Here at PRS, we love hearing the stories of satisfied customers and the day they purchased their PRS Guitars. If you have a story about buying your PRS, tell us below!

#myprs stories

Jaden Lueras' PRS

Jaden Lueras
New Mexico

My name is Jaden, I am a 17 year old guitarist, and my eyes are bigger than my wallet. For as long a... read full story

Dylan James' PRS

Dylan James

When I first started playing guitar, PRS was a brand that always sounded magical and mysterious to m... read full story

Aaron Hall's PRS

Aaron Hall
Great Britain

Mark Tremonti was the reason I wanted to learn guitar and the reason why I push myself with songwrit... read full story

Mike Shope's PRS

Mike Shope

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a PRS Custom 24. but until 2012 there just w... read full story

Ignacio Mata's PRS

Ignacio Mata

Back in 2007 I flew from my native Honduras to Maryland to visit my sister and nephews. I decided to... read full story

Christopher Bacchus' PRS

Christopher Bacchus

It was the summer of 2005 and I had just spent a day with my mother walking around New York City. It... read full story