57/08 Narrowfield Pickups

Davy Knowles

In this video, Davy Knowles demonstrates the new Narrowfield® Pickups through a PRS Sweet 16 Combo Amp.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube or here for a Quicktime version.

New Sounds For A New Era

"We wanted a 57/08™; to sound like a singlecoil, but the hum wasn't acceptable," Paul Reed Smith explains. "What we got was something that sounds like a humbucker, P90, singlecoil, and mini-humbucker – the best traits of all combined. We were ecstatic." Welcome to the world of Narrowfield®, the latest step in the evolution of sound. It's a new PRS format that uses the same wire as 57/08s®, but squeezes the width of the pickup from pole to pole and goes deeper. Looking for exceptional clarity? You found it. Yearning to hear that full-on pick attack? We've got you covered.

Click below for a clip of a 25th Anniversary McCarty Narrowfield® through a PRS Sweet 16 Combo

  • Click here for an MP3 of the clip.

Narrowfield® pickups are currently available on the models below:

  • Studio
  • NF3
  • Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield