shown in Tri Color Sunburst

Made in Maryland

NS-15 Neal Schon

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“The new NS-14 and NS-15 PRS guitars are on the cutting edge of now. I love everything about them. I had the pleasure in helping in the creation of these beauties and I love the weight, sound and ultimate playability. These are among the best guitars I’ve ever played. Check ‘em out.”  - Neal Schon, Journey

A portion of Neal’s signature tone comes from his long-standing use of Floyd Rose tremolo systems. The NS-15 (and its brother, the NS-14) adds a Floyd Rose instrument to the PRS Core line for the first time. Neal was intimately involved in the design of nearly every aspect of this instrument…from the stylized f-hole to calling out the details of the hardware. The defining size, feel, and tone of the NS-15 is a completely new design for PRS Guitars.