shown in Burnt Almond

Made in Maryland

P24 Trem Limited

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50 Piece Limited Run.

Piezo systems have long allowed guitarists the versatility of wielding both electric and acoustic guitar tones in one instrument. Now, the P24 Trem offers a 24-fret solidbody piezo-equipped guitar with tremolo for the first time, giving musicians a new a unique tool to add to their lineup. The P24 Trem has two output jacks, allowing guitarists to plug into their favorite electric or acoustic guitar amp or DI into a soundboard. By utilizing the separate blend control, the tone of the P24 Trem’s pickups can also be combined with acoustic sounds through a single output. With a nearly infinite range of tones and the added versatility and reliability or PRS’s proprietary tremolo bridge, the P24 Trem is a perfect “go-to” guitar for players of all kinds.

Experience PRS has become more than an open house for PRS fans to have a “backstage pass” at the PRS factory in Stevensville, MD. With an incredible selection of PRS instruments on display, it has become a destination event for players to pick their next PRS guitar or amplifier. Recognizing this, PRS built several small batches of unique guitars for the 2013 event. The P24 Trem Limited is one such guitar.