Paul's Amp

Paul’s Amp is the amp that Paul Reed Smith has been using in the studio and on the stage. It is a single-channel amplifier with a sophisticated clean/dirty switch that gives this amp two distinct voicings.

  • El 34 Power Tubes |
  • Cinemag Output Transformer |
  • Single Channel with Clean/Dirty Switch

Maximum Musicality

Paul’s Amp is a pretty straightforward piece of gear: a 50-watt (100-watt option available), EL34-powered single-channel head with a clean/dirty mode switch. A TMB (treble, middle, bass) tone stack and presence control add tone-sculpting flexibility, but it is the clean/dirty switch that allows this amp to have such tonal range. In the Clean position, some of the gain stages of the amp are “removed” and some high end is added (similar to what you would get with a bright switch). This setting is a great platform for pedals and has enough range to cover everything from jazz to blues to hard rock. Switch to the Dirty position, and the gain ratchets up but the amp’s responsiveness and adaptability remain intact.

The Cinemag transformer is the core of this amp and helps give it an authentic vintage tone.


Watts 50 Watts or 100 Watts (Optional)
Channels Single
Power Tubes El34
Preamp Tubes (3) 12AX7
Output Transformer Cinemag
Output Jack Configuration (5) with Parallel Extension Jacks
Fixed/Adjustable or Cathode Bias Fixed Bias (Adjustable)
Covering/Fascia Black Tolex Covering with Charcoal Maple Fascia


Front Panel Controls

Dirty/Clean Switch


Rear Panel Controls

Half Power Switch, Impedance Selector

Bias Jack Terminals


Bias Adjust