PRS "30"

The PRS “30” has an English sound with an American twist. Featuring a quartet of EL84 power tubes, this relatively low-wattage amp offers both vintage tones and modern versatility and is available as either a head or combo.

  • 30 Watts |
  • Four EL84 Power Tubes

Less is More

Every bit as musical as the guitar you plug into it, the PRS “30” could very well add another dimension to your playing and your tone. This amp operates on a “less is more” philosophy, with a cathode biased circuit and a simple layout. PRS’s transparent master volume feature disconnects the master volume from the circuit when turned all the way up for a more pure tone. Indeed all of these features help to create the “30’s” harmonically lush, ultra-responsive tone.

The “30” was designed to deliver an English sound with an American twist and can go from chimey, clean rhythm tones to semi-overdriven lead tones all with great body and bottom end. Engage the reverb and the tone of the amp fills out without overpowering the signal or drowning the notes. The 1x12 combo is loaded with a WGS speaker and makes the “30” a perfect “grab and go” amp.


Watts 30
Channels Lead/Clean
Power Tubes EL84
Preamp Tubes (3) 12AX7, (2) 12AT7, (1) 12DW7
Output Jack Configuration (2) Parallel Jacks
Fixed/Adjustable or Cathode Bias Cathode Bias
Available Configurations 30 Watt Head or 1x12 Combo (Open Back)
Dimensions 25.5"L, 9.5"D, 20"H (nominal)
Covering/Fascia Black Tolex Covering with Charcoal Maple Fascia


Front Panel Controls

Volume/Bright/Reverb/Treble/Mid/Bass/Master, On/Standby/Off

Rear Panel Controls

Impedance Selector