How To Ship Your PRS to the PTC

Want to send your guitar to the PTC but don’t have a shipping box? We have a solution.

As an added service, PRS now offers a “Shipping Kit” which includes packaging materials and a shipping box sent to your door. You simply follow these instructions to ship the guitar back to PRS headquarters in Stevensville, Maryland.

PRS Shipping Kit: $85

List of shipping supplies you will receive:

  • 1) Shipping box specifically designed to fit PRS guitars
  • 2) Bubble wrap to protect the ends of the guitar case during shipping
  • 3) Pre-paid shipping label to make shipping to PRS easy

How It Works:

Step #1

To prevent any loose items from harming your guitar, please seal all loose material in a zip-lock bag or remove the items from the case.

Step #2

Unseal box and place largest piece of bubble wrap across the box opening.

Step #3

Place guitar in its original case and place the case inside the box with the headstock pointing up.

Step #4

Cover the exposed end of the case with the smaller section of bubble wrap, tucking the excess neatly into the box.

Step #5

Place prepaid label on the top of the case covering the original shipping label.

Step #6

Securely tape the open end of the box with packing tape.