Amp Front


Paul Reed Smith Amplifiers are backed by a 5-Year warranty (90 day warranty on tubes/1 year warranty on speakers). Click here to download the warranty card.

Made in Maryland

Recording Amp

As the world continues to move toward home recording, PRS is proud to offer the PRS Recording Amp. Originally offered as a limited run at Experience PRS 2010, these amplifiers feature external switches on many gain and tone components that are normally inaccessible creating a nearly infinite tonal and gain palate. This, along with the amp's ability to go from the hardest of rock to super clean tones (and cover everything in between), makes this "universal" amp perfect for recording. These amps are available in both black tolex and paisley coverings. Both options come standard with distinctive curly maple panels.


  • 50 Watts
  • EL34 Tubes
  • Treble Channel Volume and Bass Channel Volume
  • Treble, Mid, Bass and Master knobs
  • Reverb knob
  • Treble Channel Gain and Bass Channel Gain switches
  • Treble Channel switch
  • Bright switch
  • Overall Gain switch
  • High Cut switch
  • Power Amp Extra Gain switch
  • 4, 8 and 16 Ohm Selection
  • Five Output Jacks: two 4 ohm, two 8 ohm and one 15 ohm
  • Fixed Bias (adjustable from back panel)
  • Black Tolex or Paisley covering option with Maple faceplate