Eilidh McKellar

Eilidh McKellar

Photo By Jacob Freeman

Eilidh McKellar


"I absolutely love the PRS S2 Starla! It plays like a dream! It has such a rich and full tone on the humbucker pickups, but allows for a great middle cut when pulling the tone control for the coil splitting feature. The vintage style of the guitar fits my music perfectly and the antique white and Bigsby Tailpiece is badass! It’s definitely my number one guitar at the moment." – Eilidh McKellar

Eilidh McKellar, a 20-year-old Scottish born singer and guitarist offers an interesting blend of indie rock, blues, and pop music with a nod towards the New World. Not only can Eilidh play with heartfelt emotion on the guitar, her voice comes from deep in the Mississippi River delta!

Eilidh started playing the guitar when she was 9 years old. With no other musicians in the family everything Eilidh has achieved has been the result of her own hard work and devotion.

Recently recording her debut album ‘Delta Devil Dreams’ in Los Angeles with Grammy award winning producer Guy Eckstine, Eilidh is now getting ready to hit the road on tour!

Eilidh McKellar is playing a PRS S2 Starla in Antique White.

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