Green River Ordinance

Jamey Ice & Josh Wilkerson

Jamey Ice Josh Wilkerson Jamey Ice


"My favorite guitar is the PRS Starla. This guitar sings! Killer classic vintage looks, lightweight, plays like a dream and with the bigsby and coil tap makes it the PERFECT guitar for what I do w/ Green River Ordinance."

"I started the band Green River Ordinance when I was 15 years old w/ my little brother Geoff. We were 5 friends that grew up together in Fort Worth TX. We played throughout highschool and college and wound up signing a record deal w/ Capitol Records right out of college. Since then we have had we have had top 40 singles in Hot AC, Tx Country, AAA, and songs on the Country Charts. The band has had 2 albums in the billboard top 100 and our latest album "Chasing Down the Wind" released in 2013 was #15 overall on iTunes, in the billboard top 100, #6 Billboard Folk, and #26 on the Billboard Rock Charts. Our current single "It Aint Love" was the #3 most played song at TX Country Radio in 2013. We have had songs in countless movies, over 70+ tv shows, videos on VH1, MTV, & CMT etc. We have toured w/ Bon Jovi, Train, Goo Goo Dolls, Zac Brown Band, Lifehouse, Gavin Degraw and many more."" – Jamey Ice

Jamey Ice is playing a White PRS S2 Starla.

"I have always heard fellow musicians say that PRS guitars play so well, stay intonated, and are a favorite among other guitars. It's been a long time coming that I finally own one and I can say now that I am a believer."

"At 16 years old, I was the drumline captain in the marching band at my school. I had grown up playing drums and loved it until I picked up a guitar. I joined Green River Ordinance as a guitarist when I was 16 after Josh the singer, who I went to high school with, asked me to come to a practice." – Josh Wilkerson

Josh Wilkerson is playing a Black PRS S2 Starla.

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