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Jessica Allosery Jessica Allosery Jessica Allosery


"Paul Reed Smith has always been consistent in beauty and quality in all of their products. I love that their guitars are versatile to suit so many different musical styles, often in the same instrument! I can tell that the team at PRS genuinely care for the craftsmanship of their guitars, and give each piece the utmost respect and importance they deserve. As an artist, I am thrilled to support the PRS brand with my beautiful Vintage White Custom 24 from the new S2 Series. Different tuning options allow me to play with a mellow tone, which is a quality that I take the most pride when I perform with my electric guitar." – Jessica Allosery

Jessica's musical career began on her family farm in Thamesville, Ontario, starting with the piano at the young age of 6. After high school, she lived in Brazil for a year and got her first taste of singing in front of an audience, in Portuguese even! She felt re-energized by music and upon her return to Canada, began teaching herself acoustic guitar by watching youtube tutorials. Advancing quickly, she wrote her first song only 4 months later.

Jessica has earned over 4 000 000 views and quite a following on Social media. She has attracted audiences young and old from all over the world. From cover songs to originals, her seemingly effortless entertainment has the ability to charm her viewers for hours at a time.

Jessica's lyrics are smooth, honest and charming just like her personality. She inspires many people to follow their dreams, and help make the world a better place. Her continuous efforts to Change the World through music are growing, and she hopes that her truthful melodies will leave her fans feeling uplifted and refreshed just the same.

Jessica Allosery is playing a PRS S2 Custom 24 in Antique White.

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