Pacific Dub

Bryce Klemer

Pacific Dub


PRS: How and when did you start playing music/guitar?

BK: My interest in music started with the drums at the age of 10. I would constantly bang on the drum set in my grandmas garage until I got the hang of it... 2 years later I was given my first acoustic guitar for Christmas. The first two years I would play by ear. I'd listen to songs and did what i could to mimic the guitar parts.Throughout the years theory came naturally.

PRS: Who are some of your musical influences?

BK: I am influenced by a countless number of musicians. All the way from Michael Jackson to Questlove to even Michael Bublè. To narrow it down to more relevant artist / guitarists, my favored ones would be: Joe Perry, Joe Bonamassa and Dave Grohl.

PRS: You currently play a PRS Custom 24... why is this your guitar of choice and how does the Custom 24 help you achieve the sound and tone of Pacific Dub material?

BK: From the second I plugged in the PRS Custom 24, I felt as if I've never had so much power being a guitarist. Its original unique sound is unmatched by any other guitar on the market!!! It has the most full tone of any guitar ever, and that's just stock. I now consider it as an extension of my body... Hell, I even sleep with the thing... "TRUTH"

PRS: What advice would you give a wide-eyed teenager in a garage band?

BK: If you want something bad enough you will achieve it . I am the wide eyed kid, I am the fan, I have my heroes... Don't ever stop jamming. You will make it!!!

Catch Pacific Dub live this summer on the Van’s Warped Tour Beatport Stage

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