Rian Adkinson

Rian Adkinson

Rian Adkinson Rian Adkinson Rian Adkinson


As a songwriter I never thought I'd find an electric guitar tailor made for me, but I have in the PRS Mira. I play progressive rock music and find that I get the best tones from the semi-hollow Mira." – Rian Adkinson


If Coldplay, Steven Wilson, Neil Finn and Radiohead had a lovechild, it would be Rian Adkinson. Rian started playing music at a young age and hasn't stopped since. He plays drums, guitar, bass, piano and cello. As a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist hailing from the Atlanta Georgia area, Rian has toured all over the U.S and Europe with an arsenal of original alternative prog rock songs that have mass appeal. He has been featured in Prog Rock magazine and his song "CutThroat" was on their compilation CD of artists to get to know. His musical influences can be heard throughout his music. His love of Genesis, Yes, Marillion, Radiohead, Sade, Maxwell and Talk Talk makes his music like no one else. His soulful take on progressive rock is one that makes him an artist to get to know and love. His new album "Villain" will be available 2014.

Rian Adkinson is playing a PRS S2 Mira Semi-Hollow in Antique White.