Tyler & The Tribe

Heath Robinson

Heath Robinson of Tyler and The Tribe Heath Robinson of Tyler and The Tribe Heath Robinson of Tyler and The Tribe


"I'm in love with my seafoam green Starla - the thing flat out rocks! Every time I play her, I'm blown away with how awesome the tone is. The pickups clean up so nicely, but crank the volume, and she'll howl! This is the guitar I've dreamed about ever since I started playing."

Hailing from a county in Texas with more cows than people, Heath Robinson joined Tyler Jones, Colton Joe Smith, and Jordan Owens in late 2011 to form Tyler and the Tribe. From playing the violin in 1st grade to supporting acts, such as Eli Young Band and Randy Rogers Band, Heath has always shown his passion for music. Tyler and the Tribe released their 2nd album, "Born," in late 2013. With help from world-class producer, CJ Eriksson (U2, Hanson, Incubus) Tyler and the Tribe are four guys on the spearhead of country music. Not only will you find Heath playing his heart out on stage, you will catch him showing off his entertainment skills, as well. Keep your ears tuned for the upcoming radio single "Can I See You Again."

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