SE Kingfisher

  • 34" Scale Length
  • 24 Frets
  • 4B ‘H’ Humbuckers
SE Kingfisher

Big Tone That Demands Attention

SE Kingfisher

The SE Kingfisher has modern signature sound that will grab your attention. Dual humbucking pickups give sparkling top end with a high midrange growl to give the Kingfisher a personality that will cut through the mix while holding down the band with its sweet warm fundamental tone.

Designed in PRS’s Maryland shop, the Kingfisher’s offset Swamp Ash body and neck through construction provide sustain and evenly balanced tone. The 24 fret maple/walnut neck allows unlimited possibilities for your creativity and sonic palette, and the 34” scale length makes this an instantly comfortable bass for players old and new.

Kingfisher (4B ‘H’) pickups are deep, thick-sounding humbuckers with plenty of top end clarity and punch. These modern pickups have a distinct old-school tonal character that delivers that huge “clacky” tone missing from some modern basses.


  • SE Kingfisher
  • SE Kingfisher
  • SE Kingfisher
  • SE Kingfisher
  • SE Kingfisher
  • SE Kingfisher


  • The PRS SE Kingfisher Bass Demo

    PRS SE Kingfisher Bass Demo

  • PRS SE Kingfisher Bass in a Trio

    PRS SE Kingfisher Bass in a Trio



Body Wood Swamp Ash
Number of Frets 24
Scale Length 34"
Neck Wood 5-Ply Maple with Walnut Strips, Neck-Through Construction
Fretboard Wood Rosewood
Fretboard Inlays Birds
Neck Shape SE Bass
Depth at .5 fret: .792”
Width at nut: 1.591”
Width at end of fretboard: 2.500”
Fretboard radius: 7.500”
Bridge Hipshot TransTone
Tuners Hipshot HB6
Hardware Type Chrome
Electronics Passive
Treble Pickup SE 4B ‘H’ Treble (PRS-Designed Humbucker)
Bass Pickup SE 4B ‘H’ Bass (PRS-Designed Humbucker)
Controls Two Volume Controls and One Tone Control
Controls 45-105 Gauge
SE Kingfisher


"Yes, there is a lot of competition at the Kingfisher’s price point, but the neck-through design and signature features really make it stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a beginner, an amateur looking to upgrade, or a road dog in need of a modern workhorse, the PRS SE Kingfisher is certainly worth a test flight."

- David Abdo / Premier Guitar

“The Kingfisher is very well put together with PRS’s typical attention to detail, and it’s also a pleasure to play, with exceptional seated balance and also lying equally comfortably over the shoulder. Tonally, the individual neck and bridge pickup sounds are good, and we’d especially commend that solid, punchy and earthy bridge pickup. It’s also a fine-looking thing, so if you want a passive through-neck four-string with humbuckers and a distinctive sound, give it a spin.”

- Guitar & Bass

Available Colors

  • Natural


  • Scarlet Red

    Scarlet Red

  • Tortoise Shell

    Tortoise Shell