shown in Blue Matteo

Made in Maryland

Singlecut Trem Limited

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50 Piece Limited Run.

Originally released in 2003 with a thinner body, 25” scale length, Wide Fat neck, PRS patented tremolo, and two-control layout, the Singlecut Trem is the perfect PRS player’s Singlecut. Blending the best of history and refinement, this fifty piece limited run has been updated with all the tweaks we’ve implemented in our Core manufacturing line through the last decade as well as with PRS Phase III locking tuners and 59/09 pickups.

Experience PRS has become more than an open house for PRS fans to have a “backstage pass” at the PRS factory in Stevensville, MD. With an incredible selection of PRS instruments on display, it has become a destination event for players to pick their next PRS guitar or amplifier. Recognizing this, PRS built several small batches of unique guitars for the 2013 event. The Singlecut Trem Limited is one such guitar.