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Main Art Shot Starla Stoptail
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The Starla Stoptail is the same great retro-inspired instrument as the Starla but it features a two-piece, adjustable stop tail bridge dramatically altering the look and feel of this model while bringing out more of a mid-range woodiness in the tone. The Starla Treble and Bass pickups still give you a bright high-end bark that allows this guitar to cut through the mix.

The solid mahogany body is accented with a 24 ½” scale rosewood fingerboard, a solid mahogany neck and dot inlays or optional bird inlays. Proprietary Alnico magnets incorporated into the pickup design contribute to the guitar’s unique clean and crisp sound but are also capable of rich harmonic overtones when driven.


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Sound Samples

Clean - PRS 30 Amplifier


Crunch - PRS 30 Amplifier


Clean into Crunch - PRS 30 Amplifier