Swamp Ash Custom 24 Limited

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30 Piece Limited Run.

The Custom 24 is the original PRS guitar – the guitar Paul took to his first tradeshow in 1985. A favorite among musicians, the Custom 24 has been updated through the years, while never losing its time-honored reliability and versatility. For this limited run, the Custom’s maple top and mahogany back have been traded for a swamp ash body, giving these guitars a twangy, sweet, resonant tone.

Experience PRS has become more than an open house for PRS fans to have a “backstage pass” at the PRS factory in Stevensville, MD. With an incredible selection of PRS instruments on display, it has become a destination event for players to pick their next PRS guitar or amplifier. Recognizing this, PRS built several small batches of unique guitars for the 2013 event. The Swamp Ash Custom 24 Limited is one such guitar.