Sweet 16

The PRS Sweet 16 delivers classic single channel tone via 16 watts of cathode-biased 6V6 output tubes. Well-balanced, responsive, and portable, the Sweet 16 is available as a head or a 1x12 combo with a Vintage 30 speaker.

  • 16 Watts |
  • 6V6 Power Tubes |
  • TMB Tone Stack

Sweet Simplicity for Transparent Tone

The Sweet 16 is a low-wattage amp that delivers big, classic tube tone. With cathode-biased circuits and a full TMB (treble, middle, bass) tone stack, the Sweet 16 is an extremely responsive amplifier with rich harmonics and smooth high end. The somewhat stripped-down features also add to the transparency of the guitar tone. The Sweet 16 can dial in classic amp tones from sparkling cleans to humbucking crunch. When plugged in and set to the appropriate volume, a full range of crunching cleans are also accessible using just the guitar’s volume knob. The Sweet 16 comes standard with a bright switch and reverb, adding to the amp’s tonal range and flexibility.


Watts 16 Watts
Channels Single Channel
Power Tubes (2) 6V6
Preamp Tubes (2) 12AX7, (2) 12AT7
Output Jack Configuration (2) Parallel Jacks
Fixed/Adjustable or Cathode Bias Cathode Bias
Dimensions 19"L, 9.5"D, 19"H (Combo)
Available Configurations 16 Watt Head or 1x12 Combo (Open Back)
Covering/Fascia Black Tolex Covering w/ Charcoal Maple Fascia


Front Panel Controls

Volume/Bright/Reverb/Treble/Mid/Bass/Master, On/Standby/Off

Rear Panel Controls

Impedance Selector