12th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Dear Friend:

What began as a simple one day golf tournament among a small group of committed corporate leaders has grown to become the leading charity event in the region. Marking our 12th year, this event is truly more than just golf and guitars. Since 2000, Paul Reed Smith Guitars and the Kimmel Cancer Center have raised ove $2M for the Living with Cancer Resource Program at Hopkins. As we raise money and commit to support these cancer patients and their families during the fight of their lives - your sup- port has never before been more crucial to our success.

On the evening of Saturday, October 15th, we will be hosting an intimate launch party with virtuoso acoustic players at the home of Kevin and Heidi Stander. Sunday evening, October 16th, Paul Reed Smith, cancer center director, Dr. William Nelson and Jon Levinson will host an evening showcase concert, One Night One Show One Cause at Baltimore Soundstage in downtown Baltimore. Your VIP passes will get you up close and onto the VIP lounge floor where you can perch over the crowd and take in the show. We will continue the tradition of bringing in acclaimed artists to support this evening , con- necting to our mission of raising money for cancer patients and their families at Hopkins.

Monday morning October 17th, we will bring our full field golf tournament to Woodholme Country Club. Woodholme is recognized nationally as the leading golf course in Maryland and one of the oldest clubs in the country. Those of you who have not had the chance to play this immaculate course will certainly be impressed. In addition, Sidney Frank Importing is pulling out all the stops with their new organic spirit - American Harvest.

Thank you for taking the time to review our offerings. Our mission is to bring our sponsors unparal- leled value and access, while raising money for cancer patients and their families at Johns Hopkins.


Jon Levinson & Ed Kiernan


12th Annual Charity Weekend

Paul Reed Smith Guitars and Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center