2005: PRS Wins Lawsuit - Singlecut Returns to the Line


On September 12th 2005, a PRS press release was published, it read: "In a long-pending trademark dispute between PRS Guitars and Gibson Guitar Corp, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit today reversed a lower court decision and ordered the dismissal of Gibson's suit against PRS. The decision also immediately vacates the injunction prohibiting the sale and production of PRS's award-winning Singlecut Guitar. Paul Reed Smith Guitars announced today that it will immediately resume production of its Singlecut guitars."

After the court of appeals reversed the decision and allowed PRS to make single-cutaway-style guitars again, Gibson requested that all 12 judges from the Sixth Circuit re-hear the case. This was rejected, leaving one last hope for Gibson: that the United States Supreme Court would decide to review the case. The Supreme Court's decision left the Sixth Court opinion in place and that ended Gibson's multi-year effort to thwart legitimate competition under the guise of intellectual property law.

PRS continues to make the Singlecut today.