2013: PRS Introduces S2 Series

S2 Series

PRS’s desire to fill the gap between its affordable line of SE instruments and its renowned US core line with an American-made line of guitars was a long-harbored goal. In 2013, the S2 Series was introduced, not only offering customers a more affordable USA made instrument, but offering reimagined guitars for a new breed of player. PRS blended new design elements and manufacturing techniques with their practiced US quality control and workmanship to offer 3 new guitar models: the S2 Mira, S2 Starla, and S2 Custom 24.

A little over a year later, the S2 family has grown from 3 guitars to a family of more than 10, now offering singlecut options, semi-hollow options, and a trio of "standard" all-mahogany guitars with pickguards.