All Access

The PRS All Access series was designed to give you the chance to get to know PRS artists and their gear in a new way. For this series, PRS is hitting the road to talk to artists about their current projects, why they choose PRS, and how we contribute to making their whole music machine work. To hopefully put a new point of view in front of the camera, we are also interviewing the people who help bridge what the musician is playing and what the listener hears, including band members, techs, and front of house. Warren Haynes, Carlos Santana, and Tim Mahoney of 311 are a few of the artists featured for this series.

  • Shinedown

    Shinedown and Zach Myers

    As lead guitarist for one of the biggest selling mainstream rock bands in the world, Shinedown’s Zach Myers trusts PRS guitars with his signature tone. Zach has been playing guitar since he was 13 and got his first record deal at age 14. Now, more than 10 million albums later, he is a permanent fixture in Shinedown’s lineup, lending soaring rock riffs and blazing guitar solos that help form the band’s sound.

    Click here to learn more about Zach, Brent, Barry, and Eric (the members of Shinedown) and Chris, Eddie, and Sparky (their crew).

  • Chevelle

    Chevelle and Pete Loeffler

    Chevelle’s alt-metal style has been rocking music lovers for more than a decade, and PRS has been there since the beginning. Guitarist and vocalist Pete Loeffler bought his PRS when he was 19 and hasn’t looked back since. Pete’s solid guitar riffs and commanding vocals drive Chevelle’s sound, and with Dean on bass and Sam on drums, this three piece creates full, powerful, and melodic hard rock tunes.

    Click here to meet Pete, Sam, and Dean from Chevelle as well as Chris Morrison, Tour Manager/Front of House, and Greg, Pete and Dean’s tech.

  • 3 Doors Down

    Chris Henderson and 3 Doors Down

    Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down has been playing PRS guitars since 2000. As an integral member in this no frills rock band, he depends on his PRS guitar to deliver consistent tone and playability in the studio and on the stage. We caught up with Chris on the 2011/2012 Time of My Life tour.

    Click here to meet Chris’s tech, learn how he got started with 3 Doors, and discover his second generation signature PRS model.

  • Opeth

    Clint Newcom and Doug Collins of Billy Currington

    As members of the landmark prog metal band Opeth, guitarists Mikael Åkerfeldt and Fredrik Åkesson both trust their PRS SE signature models on stage and in the studio. Opeth’s unique blend of crushing metal riffs and more classical guitar interludes has created an adventurous and dramatic sound, and PRS guitars have helped realize this multifaceted agenda since 2001.

    Click here to learn about Michael and Fredrik’s SE signature models and their 10th studio album, Heritage.

  • Billy Currington Band

    Clint Newcom and Doug Collins of Billy Currington

    PRS guitarists Clint Newcom and Doug Collins back Billy Currington on stage using distinct PRS guitar and amplifier combinations that help fill out the country star’s signature sound. We caught up with Clint, Doug, and their Production Manager Michael on the 2011 Kenny Chesney “Goin’ Coastal” tour.

    Click here to learn about their rigs and hear their thoughts on where to sit in the mix when playing with Currington.

  • Tim Mahoney

    Tim Mahoney of 311

    Tim Mahoney and 311 have been heavily touring for the last two decades and packing venues while they’re at it. Their mix of rock, reggae, hip-hop, and funk has helped build one of music’s most loyal fan bases. Since the early 1990’s, Tim has been using PRS guitars, most notably his trademark baby blue Standard 24, which has since become the basis for Tim’s signature PRS SE model.

    Click here to see what happened when we caught with Tim and the rest of the 311 gang on the Unity Tour in July of 2011.

  • Carlos Santana

    Carlos Santana

    Carlos Santana has been mesmerizing audiences for over four decades, and for much of this time, he has used PRS guitars to share his signature sound.

    Click here to hear from Carlos, his band members, and to hear an interview with his longtime friend Paul Reed Smith.

  • Warren Haynes

    Warren Haynes

    As Gov't Mule frontman, voice of The Dead, guitarist for The Allman Brothers Band, and now leader of his own solo project, The Warren Haynes Band, Warren Haynes has become a force in the music industry. We caught up with him to discuss his new solo project, his story, and his love for PRS amps.