Warren Haynes

Gov't Mule/The Warren Haynes Band/Allman Bros./The Dead

Warren Haynes is one of PRS’s best-known amp endorsers. In addition to his solo project, The Warren Haynes Band, Warren plays in The Allman Brothers Band and The Dead and fronts Gov’t Mule. With each of these outfits, it is important for Warren to keep his sound honest and distinct. We are proud that he has found multiple PRS amp rigs to support his tone.

We visited Warren Haynes at SIR studios in Manhattan where he was rehearsing for his upcoming Man in Motion tour. We were able to sit down with both Warren and his longtime tech and friend Brian Farmer to discuss The Warren Haynes Band’s new album, Man in Motion, and PRS amps. Check out the accompanying videos to hear what Warren and Brian had to say.

- April 2011

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