Amp Front

Available configurations

  • 50 Watt Head


  • 2 Winged C 6L6GC Power Tubes
  • 3 JJ ECC83S Pre Amp Tubes
  • 12AT7 Reverb Driver or Another ECC83S for Effects Loop (depending on option)
  • Front Controls: Single Input Jack, Bright Switch, Volume, Reverb (if present), Treble, Mid, Bass and Master Volume
  • Rear Controls: Mains Fuse, Bias Test Hacks and Adjustment Pot, (if present) Effects Loop Send and Return Jacks and Level Controls.
  • 4 and 8 ohm Output Jacks (each with parallel extension jacks)
  • 16 ohm output jack

CAD Options

  • Effects loop option includes send and receive return jacks and send and receive level controls.
  • Reverb option includes a tube driven, three spring unit for extra depth and richness.


Paul Reed Smith Amplifiers are backed by a 5-Year warranty (90 day warranty on tubes/1 year warranty on speakers). Click here to download the warranty card.

Made in Maryland

PRS Blistertone Amp

Through the PRS Custom Amp Designs Shop, Paul Smith and Doug Sewell have resurrected one of Doug’s most successful Sewell amps—the Blistertone 50. This amp is the evolution of Sewell’s original design, released nearly a decade ago. The new Blistertone 50 is a versatile, modern single channel amp with the ability to create clean to strong overdrive tones using your guitar’s volume control. The cleans reveal shimmer and sparkle reminiscent of higher wattage British amps. The overdrive tones are strong with carefully tailored, large lows that remain tight when pushed. The master volume is specially designed for overall volume, punch, and clarity at lower settings. The tone stack (tone control circuitry) is unique to the Blistertone and allows a wide range of modern tone tweaking. Options include either reverb or an effects loop.

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