Ordering Process

Paul Smith, Tina Benson, Dave Hazel and Paul Miles discuss the stages in the Private Stock process.

There are three ways that Private Stock guitars come to life.

First, a customer can contact their dealer who in turn contacts Tina Benson, Private Stock Sales Manager, at PRS. Over emails and phone conversations, options, specs and features are defined.

The second method is to come to the PRS factory. Tina arranges these special visits. The customer may personally visit the factory accompanied by their dealer, or the dealer may visit on behalf of the customer. At the factory, the customer will be guided by Tina, Paul Miles and the Private Stock team through the selection of features including tone woods and inlay material samples.

Finally, we often spec and build “ringers.” These are simply instruments that Paul Smith and the Private Stock team feel will be cherished by a player or collector…guitars we would love to own and play.

Once the specifications are defined, we start building the neck. Private Stock orders often entail custom fingerboard inlay work, which can be a lengthy process. Once the fingerboard is received, the neck is carved and completed, and the body build process begins. When the body and neck join, the guitar is born and the following processes are generally the same as any PRS guitar: stain, finish, assembly and final testing. The differences are in the level of customization, some of the processes and an even greater than normal level of attention to detail. After the process is complete, Paul Smith personally play tests and approves each Private Stock guitar.