Experience PRS 2012

New Products from PRS

Clint Lowery

PRS Guitars is proud to introduce new electric guitars, amplifiers and acoustics.

408 Maple Top and 408 Standard

408 Maple Top & Standard

PRS is proud to offer a new voice with the 408 Maple Top and 408 Standard. These inspiring new instruments, offered as both a maple top (MT) and all mahogany (Standard) version, bring the versatility and voicing of the Private Stock Signature and the Signature Limited Edition to PRS’s Core line.

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Experience Custom 24 and P22

Experience PRS Custom 24 & P22 Limited Editions

Specially appointed to commemorate the 6th annual Experience PRS event, this limited run of guitars is comprised of two models: the iconic Custom 24 and the innovative P22. The Custom 24 is the original PRS – the guitar Paul took to his first tradeshow in 1985. A perennial favorite with musicians, the Custom 24 has continually been updated through the years, while never losing its time-honored reliability, versatility, and appeal. The P22, introduced in 2012, is PRS Guitars’ first solidbody piezo-equipped guitar. Piezo systems allow guitarists to wield both acoustic and electric guitar tones in one instrument, making the P22 a new and versatile tool for countless musicians.

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Swamp Ash Studio Multi-Foil

Swamp Ash Studio Multi-Foil

In 1985, PRS made a small number of guitars with painted pinstripes dubbed “metal guitars.” The second generation in this theme, made in the later 1980’s, used a metallic color coat and was dubbed “Multi-Metal.” While the finish was still wet, it was blotted with a latex glove to give the guitars a more textured and interesting finish. These guitars are a notable part of PRS history.

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PRS SE Custom 24 7-String

PRS SE Custom 24 7-String

The SE Custom 24 7-String, PRS Guitars first 7-string production instrument, takes familiar PRS aesthetics and playability to new sonic territory. Using the Custom 24 as a platform, this guitar adds a low-B string to offer increased versatility to the player who wants more tonal range. Whether you’re playing rock, jazz, or metal, this guitar provides extended low-end growl, increased chordal variance, and a greater ability to embellish standard chords.

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PRS SE Clint Lowery

PRS SE Clint Lowery

Largely known as the lead guitarist for Sevendust, Clint Lowery is recognized worldwide for his raw melodies and empowering riffs. These same tones helped land him a gig as Korn’s touring guitarist in 2007. The SE Clint Lowery guitar is designed for metal and hard-rock players with attitude, and with an adjustable stoptail and 25 ½” scale length, it is perfect for dropped-tuning. In fact, at Clint’s request, the SE Clint Lowery ships tuned to C#/drop “B”[C# G# E B F# B]

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2 Channel H Multi-Foil

2 Channel "H" Experience 2012 LTD

2-Channel “H” - customized with curly maple fascias in the ten exclusive Experience PRS finishes and five multi-foil finishes.

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Dallas Combo w/Bugs Henderson Mods

Dallas Combo w/Bugs Henderson Mods

Dallas-based blues guitarist, Bugs Henderson played with everyone from BB King, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He was also a dear friend to Paul Reed Smith and PRS Guitars. For a limited time, PRS is offering the PRS Dallas with Bugs Henderson modifications. This amplifier is a 50 watt 1x12 combo with brilliant cleans that can reach a healthy distortion when pushed. Because the foundation of the amplifier is clean, it takes pedals well. Across the spectrum, the Dallas offers sweet highs, solid lows, and modest midrange tones. The Henderson mods add a custom tone circuit for extended high-end, taking this already articulate amp to soaring tonal territory.

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HXDA Experience 2012 Limited Edition

HXDA Experience 2012 Limited Edition

The HXDA uses the PRS 25th anniversary amp as a platform, underscoring the flexibility of the 25th while capturing the iconic tones of late 1960’s/early 1970’s rock. The Cinemag output transformer proved to be the perfect match for the desired component specifications and the addition of three switched (that essentially control the amp’s brightness and gain) add even more tonal flexibility by making key components “lead” specs. These specification, along with the internally bridges bass and treble channels and the HXDA and bass controls, allow considerable tonal variations from bright and crunchy to fat and smooth. With this amp, PRS has achieved a tone equal to the revered smooth, fat, singing, slightly less gainy tone of the 1960’s and 1970’s holy grail amps.

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MDT Experience 2012 Limited Edition

MDT Experience 2012 Limited Edition

The goal of the MDT was to create an amplifier that could capture multiple iconic amp tones in one model. This amp takes British and high-design boutique American styles and marries them to a unique tweed-style tone stack. The result is an amp that produces singing, fat, orchestral tones. Don’t be fooled by the MDT’s minimalistic approach to controls and options; this amp’s tones are both complex and flexible. The gain of the amp has been carefully adjusted to draw out the notes from your fingers, but stays very musical and avoids extra noise, buzz, and compression.

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Collection Guitars

Collection Series
by Private Stock

When Paul Reed Smith assumed leadership of the PRS Private Stock program in 2009, he remarked, “I’m looking forward to building guitars again.” The Collection Series from Private Stock provides him the opportunity to do just that. Much like the sought-after “Paul’s 28” guitars, these instruments will be built in small batches (about a dozen at a time) and will incorporate a balance of PRS traditions and exclusive “prototype stage” specifications.

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