Anthony Del Grosso and bandmate Kevin Jordan formed the acoustic-rock duo This Wild Life in 2010. Their instantly catchy, harmony-rich songs helped them rise to popularity quickly. The duo have performed extensively on the Vans Warped Tour circuit as well as internationally.

5 Minutes with Anthony

PRS: How did you start playing music/guitar? How old were you?

AD: My dad and brother both played drums so I started playing drums at 10 years old. My first band's guitarist would leave his guitar at my house so I started playing guitar at 16.

PRS: Who are your 3 biggest influences?

AD: My three biggest guitar influences are John Frusciante, Tom Morello, and Stephen Stills.

PRS: What guitar are you playing now and what draws you to PRS?

AD: They are without a doubt the best feeling guitars I have ever played, I currently play the S2 Mira Semi-Hollowbody.

PRS: Do you play any other instruments other than guitar?

AD: Yes, I also play the drums and bass.

PRS: Describe your creative process when writing and recording new material.

AD: I try to come up with and write as many riffs as possible. I make sure not to get attached to them because if the other guy in the band hates it then I have to let it go.

PRS: What’s your favorite food?

AD: Any Italian food.

PRS: When you aren’t writing music or touring, what do you like to do during your free time?

AD: Golfing or playing basketball.


The latest album from This Wild Life, Low Tides, is available here!

Listen to "Falling Down"

*photos courtesy of Spencer Baldwin