In the pop-punk, rock, Warped Tour circuit and beyond, American rock band Waterparks came in like a wrecking ball. Following the band's signing with Equal Vision Records in 2015, their debut album, Double Dare, and performance at every single date on 2016's Warped Tour, the band gained notoriety quickly.


The three-member band blends catchy melodic vocals with a strong guitar-centered foundation. And they have done this well enough to claim 2017's Alternative Press Music Award's title of "Best Breakthrough Artist." The love from Alt-Press continues into this month (December 2017) as vocalist / guitarist Awsten Knight graces the December issue of Alternative Press Magazine holding his dearly loved S2 Starla.

Awsten Knight Alt-Press Cover

5 Minutes with Awsten

PRS: What inspired you to pick up the guitar, and at what age?

AK: Sum 41 on the radio in 4th grade made me stoked on music and so when I was about to turn 13 I got my first guitar.

PRS: When and where did Waterparks form?

AK: 2011, from ‘my ugly heart’ back in Houston.

PRS: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

AK: Kanye, Beach Boys, No Doubt, Kesha, Donald Glover, Tyler, FOB, Taylor S, Chance.

Awsten Knight PRS

PRS: Tell us a little bit about the new record; Entertainment… it drops in January, right?

AK: Yuhhhhh. It's gonna be cool. It might even get people to stop calling us pop punk, so that'll be fun. The songs are all bigger and better written, which is how it should be; it'd suck to regress in my ability to write at this point.. haha but it's gonna be great! You should get it or stream it 600,000 times.

PRS: You guys head to Europe shortly after the release, is this your first time touring abroad?

AK: Nope! We just did a sold out headliner over there a few months ago and we're stoked to go back and squeeze everyone, we luv them.

PRS: Why do you choose to play PRS, and what’s your favorite model?

AK: Because PRS is f****** beautiful, I've always loved them. My first guitar teacher had one and I was obsessed with birds on the neck and was pissed that I had garbage circles. I got other guitars here and there but nothing comes close to the PRS guitars I have now, they're so pretty and light which is super important for shows.

*Awsten Knight photos courtesy of Jawn Rocha.

Check out "Blonde," a pre-released single off of Waterparks' upcoming album Entertainment.

Waterparks - Blonde