Dustie Waring is a guitarist in the American prog metal band Between The Buried and Me. The band, known for their technical grooves, have an incredible ability to seamlessly transform styles from thick guitar riffs to lush soundscapes. The band recently completed recording of their latest studio album, set to release in early 2018.

Dustie has been an avid PRS endorser, releasing a core Limited Edition Custom 24 "Floyd" in 2014, and most recently the DW CE 24 "Floyd."

5 Minutes with Dustie

PRS: You just finished the 10th Anniversary ‘Colors’ tour – how long were you guys out?

DW: It was a month long run.

PRS: You performed the album in its entirety, right? Did you throw anything else in the set?

DW: Yea, we played it from start to finish just like the original COLORS tour back in 2007. We decided to encore with one of our “oldies” for the fans since it was a special tour. (Mordecai)

PRS: ‘Colors’ is a pretty complex album. How was it to revisit your parts after all this time?

DW: In all honesty, we’ve played the songs so many times over the years that it really never left my muscle memory library. It was definitely cool to play it as one piece after all this time. The tour turned out to be amazing!

PRS: You guys just finished recording a new album a few months ago. Has your approach to recording guitars changed through the years?

DW: Yes we did, it was a blast. I’d say we just get better at it with each record. This was our 10th studio release so we’ve had lots of opportunities to learn what works and what doesn’t. Having solid guitars that stay in tune and sound great definitely helps.

PRS: Was the writing process any different from previous albums?

DW: We’ve been writing music together for so many years now. We’ve kind of just got our own formula down at this point. Each time gets more comfortable and we trust each other, knowing that everyone is going to perform to the best of their ability.

PRS: Who are your three biggest musical influences?

DW: It’s always hard for me to list only a few people who have influenced me. I was exposed to so much music as a kid! I always find that I pull from people like Eddie Van Halen, Dimebag, Jerry Cantrell when it comes to anything heavy. I also pull from artists like Vince Gill, Jerry Douglas and Keith Urban when it comes to our more clean and melodic sections. To me, guys like that have the most amazing sense of melody and note placement.

PRS: If you had to name one song (or record) that changed your life as a guitar player, what would it be?

DW: I remember as a kid, my dad had all these tapes of different rock and metal bands. I also found myself listening to THE Whitesnake record. (John Sykes) The playing on that album really sparked something in me. Randy Rhodes had a heavy influence on my early years as well. But, if i had to name one song that really made me want to play guitar… “November Rain” was it. 

PRS: Are there any guitarists out there that you’ve been in to lately?

DW: I’ve been researching different kinds of guitar playing recently. Guys like Brent Mason and guys that play completely out of my comfort zone. My goal is to be as versatile as I can… to be strong in every musical platform.

PRS: You recently relocated to Nashville from North Carolina. How do you like it?

DW: I love Nashville! I love being able to grab some great food and walk into a little bar and get my mind blown by local players that aren’t super well known yet. They’re just there because they love to play guitar, not for any other reason. That’s always super inspiring! I’ve also been doing a lot of session work which I really enjoy.

PRS: Has the move affected you as a player?

DW: Like I mentioned above, it’s incredibly inspiring here. A fellow PRS artist and great friend, Emil Werstler also just made the move. We play together weekly and go see tons of shows, it’s been really great for me as a guitar player. Ya don’t get much better than Emil.

PRS: Last but not least, tell us a little about the new DW CE 24 Floyd…

DW: This guitar was an idea long ago. I’ve been playing Custom 24 Floyds since 2008 and it’s just where I’m comfortable. Over the years, I really started to put together ideas of the “ultimate guitar”. At PRS you have the luxury of working with folks that know the inside and out of everything: finish, woods, neck shape, frets, anything!

For the last two years, I’ve been touring and recording with a maple fretboard on a maple neck. GAME CHANGER!! So I started to think… wouldn’t a bolt-on make the maple board even snappier and more responsive? Yes, it absolutely did. This guitar is everything I've envisioned and more.

I flew up to the PRS factory to design this with Paul and we focused on every little detail that could possibly make my model better than the last. We slimmed the neck profile, we moved the controls back out of the way of the bar, added my new signature pickups, maple board, a new finish to match my main touring guitar, “The Mape” - So to me, the guitar has been improved and is exactly what I wanted it to be. It’s a very comfortable guitar, a very fast guitar, and a very versatile guitar. There’s no tone that you can’t achieve, and it doesn’t hurt that it's super badass looking too - haha! This guitar is also priced very well for all that you get. Built at PRS to my spec with all the bells and whistles. I really hope you all enjoy it!!